Dec 16

Book review – John Le Carre – The Mission Song

Book review – John Le Carre – The Mission Song

The Mission Song

Rating: 6/10

Written by: John Le Carre

Review: Book review – John Le Carre – The Mission Song – This is one of John Le Carre’s African books. That is to say Africa is the cause he is espousing. He’s done one or two of these now and to be honest I’m not a fan even though I am a fan of Le Carre. I’m not a fan because Africa is not his subject and although there’s always some spying involved these books are not the same as when he is writing his classic cold war spy novels. Although I’m sure he does his research impeccably I’m afraid he’s just not convincing when he is writing about this subject matter, as opposed to when he writes East versus West spy stuff when you feel he knows exactly what he is doing.

This book is about an interpreter who does a bit of work on the side for the government, listening in etc. He gets sent on a job and discovers a plot regarding parts of Africa that are precious to him because of his up bringing. The interpreter does his job and then decides to try and blow the whistle on the plot.

It’ll pass the time and if like me you’ve read them all then you’ll read this one but if you only selectively choose which Le Carre to read then its probably not this one you’re looking for.

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