Jul 08

Book review – Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl

Book review – Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl

The Diary Of A Young Girl

Rating: 10/10

Written by: Anne Frank

Review: Book review – Anne Frank – The diary of a young girl – It’s very daunting to write a review of Anne Frank’s diary, it’s a no win situation since it’s impossible to do it justice and unless you have far better writing skills than me the review will never meet Anne’s high standards. But I’m compelled to write it anyway so here goes.

Having written a list of books to read before I die I’m obliged to read them and this book was high on that list. I imagine I suffered from the same problem as most people who don’t get around to reading this book. The subject matter doesn’t bode well. Its not going to be easy reading you think and it certainly isn’t going to have a happy ending. I urge you to dismiss those reasons for not reading it, it’s too important a book for that.

Anne Frank was blessed with a beautiful frankness matched with great ability to express herself through writing. These two things alone would have meant she would have become a great writer one day as she always dreamed. However in the end her fate was tied up with her times and this book is her testament of those times and everyone who feels able to should read that testament.

Having now read this book I consider Anne Frank to be one of my friends, this may seem like a strange thing to say since I have never met her, but actually its impossible not to become her friend if you read this book. This is because Anne takes you into her confidence in such a way that only a friend would do, she writes the book/diary to her imaginary friend Kitty as she didn’t have a friend in the house who she could share her thoughts with. Little did she know that she was actually writing to the world.

This book is nowhere near as much hard work as I had imagined it would be, this is because you are sharing it with Anne and Anne is basicly a happy, optimistic young girl. If you’ve never really grasped the impact of World War II this book is a great way to make it real. Anne brings you into that world so vividly it’s like travelling through time.

Now I understand what it must have felt like to have a friend taken away by the nazis, never to be seen or heard from again.

Never to be forgotten.

Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_diary_of_anne_frank

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